Kam Eltejaye

When it comes to designing, upgrading, or investing in a dream home, Kamran Eltejaye is an experienced Class-A builder and skilled agent who proves to be an invaluable asset. With his expertise, clients can trust that their real estate goals will become a reality, all while minimizing wasted time. He listens attentively to client's needs, provides unwavering support, and ensures their comfort and confidence throughout the process.

Kamran's commitment to excellence goes beyond his role as an agent by offering valuable suggestions to enhance a property's value or use of space. His practical advice on renovating or upgrading specific areas of a home can significantly increase its market worth, giving clients a competitive edge when selling. He understands that these endeavors can be time-consuming and complex. By simplifying the process and delivering exceptional service, he ensures his clients have a stress-free experience.

With his role as a marketing specialist on the DelAria Team, Kam adds a significant advantage to the equation. He fully understands the power of social media marketing and visibility. Kam leverages this knowledge to optimize a property's exposure and skillfully market it to the ideal audience, ultimately leading to a successful sale.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Kam has a genuine passion for exploration, travel, and quality time with family and friends. He believes that life should be filled with memorable experiences and cherished moments. His love for exploration fuels his curiosity, enabling him to discover unique opportunities in the real estate market. 

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